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Why Short Content is the future of Content

Have you ever wondered what contributed to TikTok's secret to success? Why was Reels added to Instagram? Why now are there now YouTube Shorts? Short-form video content is the only item that has the answers to all of these questions. The typical viewer's attention span has significantly shrunk over time. To fact check this let me ask you this question. How frequently do you watch long-form videos in your day to day? or How often do you usually finish a movie on streaming platforms like Amazon Prime or Netflix? Gotcha!

Short form content has clearly changed the content format and taken the content industry by storm. It has totally changed our consumption behavior. Our attention span has gone down but our content consumption span has gone significantly up. How many times you have opened Tiktok or Instagram reels and next thing you know a hour has passed?

So what are the benefits of Short Form Content!!!

Less Consumer Time

With less attention people now want to cut straight to the chase in terms of consuming information. You can see this phenomenon in creative ads with high engagement rate. It is always short, crisp to the point. The same phenomenon has transitioned to mainstream media these days where people prefer bite sized informative and entertaining content.

ideal for social media

The whole idea of social media is to provide more information and concise material. On social media, users seek out for instant gratification. The greatest approach to save time when remaining relevant is to watch quick videos because there is so much to look at in daily life.

We no longer have the time, patience, or desire to watch a drawn-out video. People these days use social media for about 145 minutes daily on average. The amount is significant when considering the size of the population. Just think of all the content creators we have now. Anyone with a smartphone can create content today. More content creators equate to more output. So, how do you intend to differentiate your material from the competition? short, clear, and concise

If you notice that creating short-form content is more difficult than creating long-form. You make an effort to consolidate all the info into a quick 30-second movie. How do you convey everything in a 30-second video when documentaries have been made about it?

Short Attention Span

An average person's attention span is shorter than 12 seconds, as we've already established. Although, this could appear to be a hindrance, many advertisers have used it to their advantage. More than 93% of marketers have successfully acquired a client through social media video.

We no longer have the time, patience, or desire to watch a stretched video. Talk about a short attention span, today Instagram means Reels, and even they last no longer than 30 seconds. In the years to come, our attention span may even drop to 8 seconds, the same as that of a squirrel.

Things are far more accessible than they appear since people may access the internet on their mobile devices. The majority of internet traffic is made up of video. What would you suppose the typical individual spends on YouTube in terms of time? 15 mins? Actually, it's much more than that. The typical wait time is 40 minutes. That number is huge given the size of out population of the world using internet on their phones and other electronic devices

Simple to understand

Last but not least, this is something extra that content creators include but that many people overlook. These content creators not only provide high-quality information in these short movies, but they also keep them straightforward and simple to follow. There are many creators out there who are underappreciated. While a lot of people specially millennials criticize it we Gen Z's and progressive millennials like to call it optimization of time for optimum efficiency.

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